Sunday, 8 January 2012

PS Vita Price Cut in Japan...

Sony has reportedly been forced to slash the price of its latest handheld console, the PS Vita, after just under four weeks since its initial launch date.

The console debuted in Japan on the 17th of December 2011, but despite its heavy pre-release promotion, the device only managed to reach number four in the Japanese gaming charts, before slipping to number five last week, which has placed it not only behind its main competitor - the Nintendo 3DS, but also behind its predecessor the Sony PSP.

Now Japanese retailers have been forced to lower the price of the PS Vita in order to entice more potential buyers. According to the GamesRader website, the price of more expensive 3G wireless model of the console has been slashed by almost twenty percent in some cases.

With the PS Vita still expected to reach its European launch date on the 22nd of February 2012, it shouldn't be too long before UK fans start to get their first taste of the handheld, which promises a lot of new features and hardware improvements, including dual analog sticks and a five-inch OLED touch-screen amongst others.

Nevertheless, with such poor sales figures in its native country, is the PS Vita just doomed to be a massive flop, or will it really shape up to be the next generation console Sony claims that it will be? Only time will tell...


Will you be buying a Sony PS Vita when it launches in February?

Have you already pre-ordered the PS Vita? How does this news make you feel about the handheld?

How do you think the recent price slash will affect future sales of the device?

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