Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New DS and 3DS Games For January 2012...

January 2012 has officially begun, and with it comes a lot of new gaming titles for us to enjoy. This is the Mini Gamers January 2012 release calendar, a short guide to what should be available for our handheld consoles by the end of the month...

January 2012:


Fans of Jewel Match will be treated to this brilliant sequel game, which is due to be released on the 13th of January 2012.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, it involves matching rows of similar jewels in order to accrue points. Other 'Match-3' games of this type include the Bejeweled series, which has become very popular over the past five years.

Jewel Match 2 will feature over 150 levels and two game modes. There will also be a chance for players to unlock new spells and other bonuses or build beautiful castles.

Another Match-3 game is Heroes of Hallas 2: Olympia, which should be heading to the Nintendo DS console on the 30th of January 2012.

Players take on the role of an ancient ruler of a place called Olympia. Players must compete in Match-3 games in order to gather materials that will in turn help to restore the land to its former glory and unlock lots more interesting bonuses.

January 2012:


Although this game was originally considered for cancellation because of poor 3DS sales figures, it seems as though Crush 3D has had a reprieve.  Crush 3D is now scheduled for release on Friday the 13th January 2012.

Crush 3D is a new version of an existing PSP puzzle game, in which players can switch between a 2D or 3D world by simply crushing or flattening it.

The 3DS version promises over fifty challenging levels set across four separate environments. There is lots of bonus content to collect or unlock, and players can even use Streetpass to exchange gifts with friends.

Feel The Spirit

This is the first Winter Sports title on the 3DS, and it promises not to disappoint. Winter Sports 2012 features over fifty different challenges in six sporting disciplines. The game also features loads of slow-motion replays and unlockables.

Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit is scheduled for release on the 20th January 2012.


Scheduled for release on January 20th 2012, Reel Fishing Paradise 3D has been rendered in full autostereoscopic 3D, to create a fishing simulation game like no other.

The game features fifteen different stages and features different fishing techniques, from Fly fishing to Bait fishing. Players must travel to different locations, where they can catch, keep and care for their fish in two 3D virtual fishtanks.


The popular RPG game has its debut on the 3DS at last. Tales of the Abyss tells the story of Luke fon Fabre, sole heir to a family of aristocrats. Luke has been left with no memories of his past, following his kidnap almost seven years earlier.

  Luke has been kept sheltered and spoilt by his family since his return, but suddenly finds himself thrust into the outside world, by the  Order of Lorelei, keepers of the prophecy known as the 'Score'. 

 Luke must get along in this confusing and often hostile world. He knows nothing about those who might be his friends, or those who already are his enemies. Alone, Luke must learn of friendship and sacrifice, of duty and choice. Luke's actions could help to save the world in which he lives or destroy it.

Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS features special new animation and an 'ARTES' shortcut, which gives greater scope during battles. The game is scheduled for release on the 27th of January 2012.

Resident Evil: Revelations is scheduled for release on January 27th 2012. The game is set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5, and the game will seek to test players through a variety of game mechanics, including a limited supply of ammo, and more emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Thus, that marks the end of our January 2012  DS/ 3DS release calendar. We hope that you have found it interesting. Remember to check back with the Mini Gamers blogsite for more news and reviews after the games are released.

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