Monday, 1 August 2011

Nintendo 3DS and Wii U To Support Paid-For DLC, Says Iwata...

Nintendo President, Sotaru Iwata, has promised 3DS users that the console will have a paid-for Downloadable Content (DLC) Service by the end of the year.

According to the Andriasaang website, Mr. Iwata told investors at an earnings briefing in Tokyo, that Digital Downloads would be available for the 3DS by the end of 2011.

 According to the article, Nintendo are currently trying to create a paid item transaction system that would allow users to download purchasable items for 3DS games.

However, at this stage, it is impossible to know what kind of downloadable content would be featured in the service or how this might affect the type of features offered on the console at the moment.

The announcement comes after Nintendo announced that it was going to dramatically drop 3DS console prices from £219 to just £130, in order to combat falling hardware sales.

Furthermore, Mr. Iwata has personality taken a fifty percent cut in pay after accepting responsibility for the failing sales of the 3DS.

 Other members of Nintendo's Board of Directors have also taken a twenty-three percent pay cut, after a recent finacial report showed that Nintendo's estimated earnings may suffer a loss of up to eighty-two percent by the end of the fiscal year, resulting in a sharp decline of stock value.

It is hoped that the introduction of paid-for DLC will help to curb the current loss in sales, boost eShop usage and help make the 3DS more attractive to new respective buyers. Mr. Iwata also confirmed that digital stock will now be Nintendo's main focus for at least the next three years.

Mini Gamers is very interested in the introduction of the DLC service. Keep checking in with the blogsite for more news on this subject as it happens.

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