Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London Riots Affect Sony...

Carpet Right ablaze: One of the many buildings set alight during the riots

A Sony warehouse has become the latest victim in the recent London riots. The three-storey, 20,000 square-metre warehouse, which was situated in Enfield, North London was burnt down during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The warehouse after the fire...

It is not yet known exactly what caused the fire as no-one has been able to enter the building which has been badly damaged by the flames. However, according to a recent article by GameIndustryBiz, it appears that the shop may have been looted and then set alight with petrol bombs. Thankfully, no-one appears to have been injured in the incident.

Looting destroys local businesses...

A spokeswoman for Sony, Yoko Yasukochi, has explained that the fire could possibly cause delays in delivery of stock to local inhabitants, including blu-rays, PS3 and PSP games and accessories as well as DVDs and CDs. She said: "There will likely be some impact on deliveries..."  (sourced from:

News of the warehouse fire has also caused a 2% drop in Sony's share prices on Tuesday. However, there has been a slight rise to 1.1% today.

Meanwhile, the riots continue to spread outside of  the Tottonham area where they first began. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.

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  1. And they can't just call in the army? It's crazy