Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nintendo 3DS: The First Launch Titles Confirmed

 The Nintendo 3DS console is set to debut in Japan on the 26th of February this year. The first Nintendo 3DS titles to accompany the Japanese launch were announced at a special public event in Tokyo yesterday.

Amongst the 'big name' titles mentioned were Super Street Fighter IVWinning Eleven 3D Soccer (known in the West as PES), and the latest Professor Layton title -Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle.

More initial releases include Samurai Warriors: Chronicle  alongside 3D versions of Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble, Ridge Racer 3D, Combat of Giants from Ubisoft, (which were incidentally the only Western developers on the list), and three versions of Nintendogs + Cats.

Popular titles will be spread over the course of 2011-2012, with games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of  Time, Steel Diver and Pilotwings being given a Spring 2011 release date, and games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart coming later.

Nintendo also released details about the battery life of  the 3DS console, which is said to be around 3.5 hours on full 3D mode and maximum screen brightness. The console will also take 3.5 hours to charge.

 This is similar to the DSi XL consoles, which also give around three hours of gameplay when set on the maximum brightness settings, but which can provide approximately 17 hours of gameplay when the screen is set to minimum brightness.

Although no details were released at this time about the 3DS' European launch date or what the  European 3DS launch titles might be, an official  launch date is expected to be announced at a special preview event on the 19th of January 2011. Please CLICK HERE for the all the details.

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