Friday, 28 January 2011

Introducing the Sony NGP (AKA 'PSP2')

Sony's new handheld console called The Sony NGP, (which stands for Next Generation Portable,) was revealed at an event called the PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo yesterday.

The launch puts an end to several months of speculation about the possibility of a new console, which the gaming community had nicknamed the PSP2. However, Sony was very reluctant to admit that they had been working on a new design - until now.

The Sony NGP is similar to the original PSP consoles, but boasts a few enhancements including dual analog sticks, front and rear cameras, a five-inch OLED display and Augmented Reality Software as used in the PSP game, Eyepet.

The console is apparently going to focus more on Social Gaming and interactivity. The Sony NGP will feature a capacitive touchscreen for easy access to the console's main features, and will also have a 'live' area where NGP users can communicate with each other. This area will also contain links to the PlayStation Network store.

Some of the games which have been planned for the new console include Killzone and an as yet un-revealed title in the Uncharted series, which has never featured on a handheld console before.

The Sony NGP console is also set to feature 3G connectivity. However,  Sony Europe's CEO, Andrew House has recently admitted to members of the press that only one of the various launch models will actually feature 3G capability. Furthermore, the 3G service will cost the owner each time it is used.

This is a potential 'sour note' in what is actually shaping up to be a very interesting console. The Sony NGP is set to debut in time for Christmas 2011 and is expected to cost between £187-£219. Keep checking in with the Mini Gamers blogsite for more news as it develops.

So that is Sony's new handheld. What do you think?

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