Thursday, 17 March 2011

Japanese Game Publishers Face Economic Slump In Recent Crisis...

Japanese video game publishers face a big economic slump in the wake of the recent devastation caused by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis, which has affected the north-eastern (Tohoku) region of Japan.

Sega was by far the worst affected by the crisis so far. According to information from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on Monday the 14th of March, Sega's stock had dropped by a massive 13.5 percent by the end of the day.

Sony and Nintendo also saw big stock losses too. Sony had a loss of 9.1 percent, whilst Nintendo suffered losses of 7.6 percent. Square Enix and Namco Bandai were amongst the least affected video games publishers with losses between 6.4 and 6.2 percent respectively.

Several video game  Japanese release dates have had to be rescheduled due to the economic downturn, including Sony's Motorstorm Apocalypse  and Sega's Disaster Report 4, which has now reportedly been cancelled altogether. Meanwhile, the upcoming European 3DS release has not been affected by the crisis and will go ahead next Friday as planned.

Dispite the economic slump, many video games companies have reportedly chosen to donate money to the victims of the Tsunami Crisis, including Sony, Namco Bandai  and Capcom, who each donated between 100 million and 300 million yen to relief efforts. Sony also donated over 3000 radios.

Meanwhile, The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami crisis continues to deepen. Many people have been left homeless since the disaster, and although exact figures are unknown at present, casualties are expected to run into tens of thousands over the next few weeks.

Mini Gamers extends its sincere condolences to the victims of this terrible tragedy. For more information on how to give donations, please visit the official Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal website by clicking HERE now.


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